Thriller Places #1 on US Album Chart


Michael Jackson made a big impact in the music world. As an artist he was best known for his album Thriller which was originally released on November 30, 1982. According to thisdayin, on February 26, 1983 Thriller went to No.1 on the US album chart. The site also states it went on to become the most successful album of all time with sales over 50 million copies.

The music video for the song Thriller was also a huge success. The video won for Best Performance Video, Best Choreography, and Viewer’s Choice at the first MTV Video Music Awards in 1984 according to The site also states the clip was so effective that after six singles and a year of release, it boosted yet another track from the album into the Top 10.

The music video has a Halloween theme to it. In the video Michael Jackson takes his date to see a horror film and as he walks her home the dead arise from their graves. The dead surround the couple and in an instant to pop star becomes one of them. This is the longest music video running 14 minutes. The video cost $500,000 to make, and Jackson’s record company had intention of paying for it, since the album was on the downswing and they had already financed videos for two of its songs states

Other songs that the king of Pop was known for on this album were Billie Jean and Beat It. According to Jackson based the song Billie Jean on a woman who used to stalk him, writing him letters about a son she thought was his. The song Beat It was written by Michael Jackson. He came up with it when his producer, Quincy Jones, encouraged him to write something like “My Sharona,” which was a huge hit for The Knack in 1979 states The site also mentions Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of this song called “Eat It.Rick Derringer played the guitar solo on his version.

On June 24, 2009 the King of Pop died of a drug overdose at age 50 in his Los Angeles home. At this time Michael Jackson was getting ready to make a comeback with concerts at London’s 02 Arena. Michael Jackson maybe gone, but his impact on the music world will always be remembered. Below is the Thriller music video.


Eagles Greatest Hits Album 1971-1975


On February 24th 1976 The Eagles ‘Greatest Hits’ became the first album to be certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. according to The site also states new certification’s represented sales of 1 million copies for albums and two million for singles. Some of the songs on the album are Take It To The Limit, Tequila Sunrise, and Witchy Woman.

According to the song Take It To The Limit is a good example of the “Southern site states it’s also a good example of melancholy lyrics wrapped in a sweet melody – another attribute of early Eagles songs. The song Tequila Sunrise is about a guy who has been drinking tequila until the sun comes up states

Eagles’ guitarist Bernie Leadon started writing Witchy Woman when he was a member of The Flying Burrito Brothers. Once Bernie joined The Eagles, he and Don Henley finished the song in about a number of women they had met. It is not meant to portray the woman as devilish, but as more of a seductress.

According to the band’s official website The Eagles’ are hitting the road and playing a few concerts. This reunion tour h be short lived only lasting this month and next month. Here are the tour dates for all The Eagles fans who shouldn’t miss seeing the group perform live. Below is Take To The Limit performed live.

The Fray Reached #1 on US Album Chart with Second Album


 The Fray is an American rock band that became famous with the songs How to Save a Life and Over My Head (Cable Car). On February 21, 2009 the band was at #1 on the US Album Chart with their self-titled second album according to  Some of the hit songs from the album included Never Say Never, Enough for Now, and You Found Me.

Never Say Never is a direct love song between two people who are “pulling apart and coming together again and again according to It also mentions that in a review for Billboard magazine, Michael Menachem commented that “the standout moment is the climactic key change, conveying intense emotion during the bridge where the melody shifts from major to a higher minor, in a similar spirit to what Boyz II Men achieved on ‘It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.'” This song is included on the soundtrack for the 2009 film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The song Enough for Now is about how lead singer Isaac Slade handled the death of his grandfather states

“I felt lost, all these emotions and those songs came out. But then, 12 months ago, I was talking to a friend of mine who gave me some perspective on it and some books to read. I realized I was seeing only the pure realism side of it all and there is good in life still, even though people die or have miscarriages, whatever. And I began to have hope again.”

Joe King and Isaac Slade write most of the songs for the group but sometimes the other members of the band help with songs according to

“That’s how ‘You Found Me’ happened, actually. We were sitting around as songwriters, and Ben came in said, ‘I like that old piece about being lost or insecure or something. We should check that out.’ And I didn’t think it would work ’cause it felt non-engaging and vulnerable, and I wanted a big, epic chorus. But it ended up being perfect for it, this very inclusive concept of ‘we’re all in this together.'”

The Fray is a rock band with catchy lyrics making whoever listens to their music want to sing along. This a band that will be around for a long time. Below is the music video Never Say Never.

Rock Band Motley Crue Face Retirement


The rock band Motley Crue has to together since 1981 and now the group is calling it quits according msn entertainment. The band is going on tour starting next month in Canada.

“We just want to go out on top. Leave a legacy behind. We won’t be doing any more concerts after this. This is the final tour.” said Vince Neil the front man of the band.

“This is a huge celebration for us. It’s going to be a really fantastic tour.” said Bassist Nikki Sixx.

The group is known for songs such as Girls, Girls, Girls, Shout At The Devil and Home Sweet Home. According to Girls, Girls, Girls is a tribute to strip clubs. Many are mentioned by name in the song. The listening party for the album was held at a strip club in Hollywood. Shout At The Devil wasn’t released as a single, but it quickly became one of Motley Crue’s more popular songs and a live favorite states On the site

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil recalled writing the Home Sweet Home: “I remember like it was yesterday,” he said, “sitting in the recording studio when Tommy [Lee, drummer] came up with the piano chords and I almost immediately started humming.”

According to the band was originally formed by Nikki Sixx, Greg Leon, and Tommy Lee. The site states Leon who was the vocalist left the band, and Vince Neil took his place after the band Rock Candy decided to transform into a new wave group. They were soon under the management of Allan Coffman and they released their debut album Too Fast For Love which sold $20,000 copies according to

This Hard Rock Band has been around for so long that they made a permanent mark on the music world. Motley Crue will not only be remembered for their music, but also for their persona of a band with big teased hair and make-up. They will never be forgotten. Below is the music video for Home Sweet Home.

Paul Simon and Sting Live in Concert


Are you a fan of Paul Simon and Sting?  If the answer is yes, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see these two musicians perform live on the same stage. This will take place on Saturday March 15 at the BB&T Center. Simon is known for songs such as Hearts and Bones, You Can Call Me Al, and Still Crazy After All These Years.

According to Simon wrote the song Heats and Bones about his relationship with the actress Carrie Fisher. For the song You Can Call Me Al Simon arranged for some of the musicians who played on this song, including guitarist Ray Phiri, bass player Bakithi Kumalo and drummer Isaac Mtshali, to came to America, where they worked on some other tracks for the album and backed Simon when he appeared on Saturday Night Live, where he performed this song on May 10, 1986, a few months before the album was released states Simon won the 1975 Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Performance for Still Crazy After All These Years, and the album won the Grammy for Album of the Year according to

Sting is known for songs such as Desert Rose, Englishman in New York, and Shape Of My Heart. Desert Rose was released in September 1999, but did not gain popularity until it was used in the Jaguar commercial in March 2000. It finally hit the US Top-10 in August according to Englishman in New York is about famed gay author Quentin Crisp and his experiences as an outcast states The site also states that Shape Of My Heart is co-written by Sting’s longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller.

People who saw the show wrote reviews on and seemed to really enjoy seeing Paul Simon and Sting performing live together:

“How can you miss this one? Two legends on one stage sharing each other’s music and bands. Well worth any ticket price. First time to see Paul Simon and 8th to see Sting. Loved the show” said ShawnSmallStories.

Its when performing each other’s songs. In between we had sets from each which made for an unforgettable evening!” said TnTTown.

“Fabulous. How two guys ten and twenty years older than I can still sound like they did in their younger days is AMAZING” said SRL29

These reviews just prove that this is a concert that can’t be missed. This is a chance of a lifetime to see two different artists on one stage together. So get tickets to this show before it’s too late! Below is a video of the two performing and the tour schedule.

10 Best Love Songs


Music is a way to express thoughts and feelings. These are especially heard in love songs. The singer or group voice emotion towards a special someone he, she, or they can’t live without. Love songs can be so powerful and they can trigger memories of a special someone in a person’s life. Soon it will be Valentine’s Day the special day where couples express and show their love for each other. Here are the 10 best love songs.

10. Amy Grant Baby Baby- According to Grant is a very popular singer in the world of Christian music, but this was her first big secular hit as a solo artist.

9. The Supremes Baby Love- states this turned out to be The Supremes’ only UK #1, though they had many more in the US.

8. Minnie Riperton Lovin’ You- According to Riperton wrote this with her husband, Richard Rudolph. The site also states Riperton died of cancer in 1979 at age 31. While this was her only hit, she was held in high regard in the music community.

7. Janet Jackson That’s The Way Love Goes- It was the first single released under Janet Jackson’s record-breaking $32 million contract with Virgin Records, the largest recording deal in history until Janet’s brother Michael signed a whopping $50 million deal with Epic not long after according to The site also states this song earned Janet Jackson a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song and a nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

6. Whitney Houston The Greatest Love of All- This was written by songwriters Michael Masser and Linda Creed. Linda Creed was recovering from breast cancer when they wrote the song in 1977 according to The site also mentions originally recorded by George Benson, his version went to #24 in the US.

5. Tina Tuner What’s Love Got To Do With It -This won Grammys in 1985 for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Female Vocal Performance according to The site also states at the second MTV Video Music Awards in 1985, this won for Best Female Video.

4. Captain & Tennille Love Will Keep Us Together- states this was Captain & Tennille’s first #1 hit, and it was the biggest Pop hit of 1975. The site also mentions they did very well as a team, and have been together for more than 30 years.

3. Mariah Carey Vision of Love-  she was 17 years old according to The site states  this won the 1990 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female.

2. Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love- At first, this was not released in the US. Since the album was not out yet, radio stations there started playing import copies of the single states The site also mentions this section took on a poignant edge after Mercury’s death when the song was performed with guest singers, as the lyric was never altered regardless of the vocalist.

1. Boyz II Men I’ll Make Love to You- states in the US, this was the biggest hit of 1994. The site also mentions this won the 1994 Grammy for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing the feeling of love to a special someone, and this is exactly what these songs do. So on this day spend time with a special someone and listen to song of L-O-V-E.

The Beatles Perform on The Ed Sullivan Show


When it comes to bands in music, The Beatles are the ones who made the biggest impact in music. Today marks the day the group made their performance debut on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th 1964 according to the site also states The Beatles performed five songs on the show: All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There, and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

The song All My Loving began as a poem Paul McCartney conceived while he was shaving one morning thinking about his girlfriend Jane Asher, who he met when she interviewed him for the magazine Radio Times according to The site also states George Harrison’s guitar solo was influenced by Chet Atkins, one of his idols when he was learning to play.

She Loves You tells a tale of some poor guy thinks he has lost his girl for good, but he’s redeemed when he finds out from a friend that she still loves him according to This song is also in German. The site states The Beatles learn some German when they became the house band in Hamburg in 1962, but needed a German speaker to help them with the lyrics.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote I Saw Her Standing There. According to McCartney shares his experience songwriting with Lennon to Observer Music Monthly October 2007.

“I mean those early days were really cool, just sussing each other out, and realizing that we were good. You just realize from what he was feeding back. Often it was your song or his song; it didn’t always just start from nothing. Someone would always have a little germ of an idea. So I’d start off with [singing] ‘She was just 17, she’d never been a beauty queen’ and he’d be like, ‘Oh no, that’s useless’ and ‘You’re right, that’s bad, we’ve got to change that.’ Then changing it into a really cool line: ‘You know what I mean.’ ‘Yeah, that works.”

The song I Want To Hold Your Hand made The Beatles popular in the United States. According to by February 1964, America finally took notice of The Beatles and bought this single in droves, giving them their first US hit. The site also states It sold better in first 10 days of release in the US than any other British single, and remains the best-selling Beatles single in the United States, moving over 12 million copies.

The Beatles may no longer be a rock band with only two members alive Paul McCartney  and Ringo Starr, but the music from the Fab Five will live on forever. Future Generations listen to the music sung by the boys from Liverpool and they gain a new and younger fan base. Below is a video of  I Want To Hold Your Hand on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Madonna Reaches #1 on US Charts With Open Your Heart


Madonna has been in music in the music industry for 30 years and has made an impression that people will never forget. On February 7th 1987 her song Open Your Heart went to #1 on the US singles chart according to The site also states that this song was the song was her 5th #1 in the US and a #4 hit in the UK. states this was the opening song on Madonna’s Who’s That Girl tour in 1987. She also performed the song on her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. The site also mentions that there is an extended version of the song where Madonna adds a spoken part: “Well, are you gonna go out with me or not? What’s the matter, you scared of me or something?” Open Your Heart was also recorded in Spanish by a different artist. “Abre Tu Corazón” was recorded by Venezuelan rock singer Melissa, who released it in March 1986 on her Melissa III album, 3 months ahead of Madonna’s release according to

In 1983 she started her career as a pop singer recording herself titled album states This album included the hits “Borderline”, “Lucky Star”, and “Holiday.” Madonna appeared on Dick Clark’s show American Bandstand.  According to during her interview on the show, she told Clark that her main ambition was “to rule the world.” The site also states her 1985 follow-up album, Like a Virgin, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Chart and went platinum within a month.

Flash forward to the present day the Queen of Pop has won 9 Grammy’s and has released 26 albums in her music career. Eleven of them are studio. Madonna’s career has influenced other artists such Britney Spears and Christina Aguliera who performed Like A Virgin with the Queen of Pop during the 2003 Mtv Video Music Awards. She may be an artist that pushes the envelope, but that’s what makes Madonna interesting. Some people may love her or hate her, but she will always reign as the Queen of Pop Music. Below is the video of Open Your Heart.

2014 Superbowl Halftime Show


For Football fans the Superbowl is all about which team wins time game and takes home the trophy, but for music lovers the Superbowl is all about the halftime show.  This year’s show consisted of two acts Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The Halftime Show was nothing but pure entertainment on Sunday.  From the view on the television it was easy to see that the crowed was having a blast.

Bruno Mars was the main performer of the night. He performed his hits such as Treasure, Locked Out of Heaven, Runaway Baby, and Just The Way You Are.  According to Treasure was written by Mars, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine and Phredley Brown, while production was handled by the former three as members of The Smeezingtons. It is also on his second entitled Unorthodox Jukebox.

Locked Out of Heaven was the fifth heavenly-titled track to reach #1 on the Hot 100 according to The site also states this was nominated for Grammy Awards for Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year in 2013, but didn’t win either (“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “Royals” by Lorde took those trophies).

Runway Baby is a track from American singer and songwriter Bruno Mars’ debut album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans states The site also mentions it charted in the top 20 of the UK singles chart after the track was reduced to 59p on iTunes following his energetic performance. states the song Just The Way You Are was originally written with Cee-Lo Green in mind, but the Gnarls Barkley singer didn’t feel it was right for him. “I personally think [‘Just the Way You Are’] was better for [Mars], like ‘F— You’ was better for me. I don’t think he could have sung that song,” Green  told Billboard magazine. The site also mentions

Mars told 4Music: “I’m a big fan of simple songs. When we wrote Just The Way You Are, I wasn’t thinking of anything deep or poetic. I was telling a story. Get ready to fall in love!”

When The Red Hot Chilli Peppers hit the Superbowl stage, the rock band performed one old time favorite song of theirs Give It Away. states the verse in the song, “There’s a river born to be a giver. Keep you warm, don’t let you shiver. His heart is never gonna wither. Come on, everybody, time to deliver” refers to actor River Phoenix, who was a good friend of RHCP guitarist John Frusciante. After River’s death, the Peppers wrote the tribute song to him, “Transcending.”  The site also mentions that lead singer Anthony Kiedis drew inspiration for this song from the German singer Nina Hagen, when he came across one of her jackets that he liked. She insisted he take it, explaining that giving stuff away creates good energy.

The Superbowl Halftime Show is always interesting and people find something about it to bring up in conversation the next day either at work or at school with friends. The Superbowl is a once a year event that bring together sports and music fans. Below is the full performance of The Superbowl Halftime Show.

Streisand at #1 on US singles chart with The Way We Were


Barbara Streisand is a celebrity who has double talents. She is someone who can sing and act. In October 1973 she starred in a movie with Robert Redford entitled The Way We Were.  On February 2, 1974 she started a four week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with the theme from the film according to The site also states the single won an Oscar and a Grammy for ‘Song of the year.

This song is famous for its opening line, “Memories, like the corners of my mind,” which sets the nostalgic tone for the song and makes it perfect for the movie according to The site also mentions that early demos of the song reveal that the first word was written as “Daydreams,” and Streisand came up with the idea to change it to “Memories,” although needing it shortened to two syllables to fit the music, it becomes “Mem’ries.

Songf states Streisand performed this song in memory of Marvin Hamlisch at the 2013 Oscar.  The site also mentions that Hamlisch, who died in 2012 at age 68, was the final photo in the “in memoriam” segment (the “death montage”), at which point Streisand appeared on stage and said, “Marvin Hamlisch was a composer of extraordinary depth and versatility. He was also a very kind and generous friend who could always make me laugh. Marvin left us way to soon, but I’ll always have those wonderful… (sings) memories…”

What is this actress/singer up to now a days? In 2012 Streisand released an album entitled Release Me . This album focused on hits that made her famous such as Being Good Isn’t Good Enough (from Hallelujah, Baby!), Lost In Wonderland, and Willow Weep For Me. Barbara Streisand has been around since her first motion picture Funny Girl in 1968. She is considered to be a legend and a double threat for her singing and acting.  Barbara Streisand will have a long memorable career.  Below is a YouTube video of The Way We Were.