Linkin Park Live in Concert


On August 8th Linkin Park will perform at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach Florida. Before the band hits the stage, 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI will entertain the crowd as the opening acts.

Linkin Park is known for songs such as Breaking the Habit, Crawling, and What I’ve Done. The song breaking the Habit is on the Meteora album which was release in 2003. According to this is about someone who has the tendency to do things to hurt himself physically and mentally. Breaking the Habit is a song for the fans. states multitudes of fans who have expressed to the band how their music has helped them with depression, drugs, low self-esteem, traumas… or anything really.

Crawling is a song from Hybrid Theory this album was released in 2000. According to a lot of what Chester is singing about side effects of taking methamphetamines a drug he used throughout his teens. The music video did get noticed for music awards. states the video was nominated for Best Rock video on MTV’s Video Music Awards and won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance.

What I’ve done was recorded on Minutes to Midnight. The record hit store shelves in 2007. This song premiered at #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart states The album was also a big success. It was #1 in 28 countries according to

Besides these songs Linkin Park will perform songs from the new album entitled the Hunting Party which will be released on June 17. This is a show now rock fan wants to miss. Here are some reviews on from fans that went to Linkin Park in concert and below is the video What I’ve Done:

“The show that I saw was so full of energy and enthusiasm and melody that even if I hated LP I would have enjoyed it” said LPrunner.

“The best group ever seen. They are amazing!!! Love them!!!”said MichaelPark

Linkin Park is one band you must see live you’ll love the music and the passion each and every band member puts into their performances” said oldfan11