Former Beatle Paul McCartney Plans Tour

Paul McCartney may be at the wise age of 72, but he shows no signs of stopping his music career anytime soon. According to the former member of the Fab Five is in good health and rescheduled US tour dates that were canceled. Some of the songs he is known for in his solo career include: Maybe I’m Amazed, Queenie Eye, and My Valentine.

According to the song Maybe I’m Amazed was written for Paul’s wife Linda who died from cancer in 1998. The site also mentions that this song was a standout track on Paul McCartney’s first solo album which was released in 1970 and placed number 10 on the US chart. Other bands such The Faces, Petula Clark, Elkie Brooks, Black Oak Arkansas, Jem, Joe Cocker, and Gov’t Mule has covered this song states

The next song Queenie Eye is from the album New which was released in last year. According to McCartney performed this song at the Grammy Awards in 2014, backed by Ringo Starr on drums. Paul McCartney explains the meaning behind Queenie Eye. It was a game he played on the street as a kid:

“What used to happen is one person would turn away from us and throw a ball over his head which one of us would catch,” he goes on. “And then we would say, ‘Queenie Eye, Queenie Eye, who’s got the ball? I haven’t got it. It isn’t in my pocket. O-U-T spells out.’ And when we said, ‘Out,’ he could turn around … or she could turn around and look at us and try to work out which one of us had caught the ball, which, of course, we all pretended to have behind our backs. Anyway, so that was … I just liked the rhythm.

The song My Valentine was on the album Kisses On The Bottom. It was released in 2011. According to this ballad features some guitar work from Eric Clapton. These two also worked together on the Beatles song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” The site also states The “Kisses On The Bottom” title is taken from a lyric on the album’s opening track, a cover of Fats Waller’s 1935 hit “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter.”

Below is the YouTube video of Maybe I’m Amazed.


The Byrds Hit #1 on US Singles Chart with Mr. Tambourine Man


The Byrds remade Bob Dylan’s song Mr. Tambourine Man. Today in 1965 the group reach number one on the U.S singles chart with the song according to Dylan wrote this song on his fifth album Bringing It All Back Home.


According to the band was just starting out, and was not very good musicians yet. The site also mentions that the song was inspired by Folk guitarist Bruce Langhorne. Here is what Dylan said:


“Bruce playing with me on a bunch of early records. On one session, [producer] Tom Wilson had asked him to play tambourine. And he had this tambourine. It was, like, really big. It was as big as a wagon wheel. He was playing and this vision of him playing just stuck in my mind.”


The song was also featured in a film called Dangerous Mind starring Michelle Pfeiffer. The film is about a woman who was a marine and is now a teacher trying to change the lives of the students in her classroom.


This is not the only Bob Dylan song The Byrds remade. According to other songs included “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue,” and “Chimes of Freedom.” Below is the YouTube video of Mr. Tambourine Man









The Beatles Record The Song “She Said She Said”



When it comes to Rock music, The Beatles are one of the British bands that are most remembered in music history. Today marks the day when the band recorded John Lennon’s song “She Said She Said” in 1966 according to This song is on the band’s Revolver album which was released in 1966. The site mentions that this song is based on a conversation John Lennon and George Harrison had with actor Peter Fonda. Together both entertainers were on LSD.

The conversation between the two took place in The Playboy Mansion according to This is where Hugh Hefner lives with his girlfriends and the play mates of his magazine. Peter Fonda knew what it felt like to be dead because at the 10 Fonda accidently shot himself and almost died states

While The Beatles were in the studio recording this song, it took 9 hours to record the song and they rehearsed the song more than 25 times and recorded three takes of the rhythm track according to John Lennon’s lead vocals, and backing vocals from both John and George were added at the last states the site. Here is Lennon’s recollection of the song from

“It’s an interesting track. The guitars are great on it. That was written after an acid trip in LA during a break in The Beatles’ tour where we were having fun with The Byrds and lots of girls.”

This British Rock band made a big impact in the music world and they still get acknowledged for it today. Last Saturday The Beatles were honored at the 2014 Recording Academy Special Merit Awards held at the historic Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. Olivia was there to accept the honor on behalf of George, alongside Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono. Below is the YouTube video of “She Said She Said”








The Offspring Live In Concert




On August 15, 2014 The Offspring will perform in concert at Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach Florida. This California alternative rock band that formed in 1984 has eight albums under their belts. The members of The Offspring consist of Dexter Holland (vocals, guitar), Noodles (guitar), Greg K (bass) and Pete Parada (drums). Some of their hit songs include Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), Original Prankster, and Come Out And Play


Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) is on the America album which was released in 1998. According to The “Uno dos tres cuatro cinqo cinqo seis” line was sung by Higgins XX-13, the cousin of a member of the band’s internet mailing list. The site also mentions that Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of this entitled “Pretty Fly (For A Rabbi)” for his album Running with Scissors. If Pete Parada does a parody of a group or artist, that is one sign that the song is popular.


Come Out And Play was recorded on the album Smash and released in 1994. This song is about gang and gun violence in schools, and was the breakthrough hit for The Offspring according to This site also mentions that in the 2006 Adam Sandler movie Click, this song can be heard being played by the marching band in the background during the swimming meet scene in the beginning.


This band has been around for many years. They show no signs of stopping anytime soon fans have enjoyed seeing them perform live. Here are some reviews from


“The Offspring played another great show! I am always excited to see them when they come to town” said MCKlv


“The band was amazing, and still sound like their old selves. They played so many of their very best songs, and a few new ones as well” said Geerm


“This band has been killing it since the early 90s when I first seen them. They never disappoint playing all the songs you know and love and get the crowd going” said DFL92


Below is the music video Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)










Aaliyah Reaches #1 on US Singles Chart with Try Again


today marks the day when the song Try Again from R&B singer Aaliyah placed #1 on US singles chart in 2000 according to This song was featured in the film Romeo Must Die. The film was Aaliyah’s debut on the big screen starring with actor Jet Li.


Try Again was a success. The song got noticed for some awards. According to this won MTV Video Music Awards for Best Female Video and Best Video For A Film. The site also mentions that the song was nominated for a Grammy in Best R&B Vocal Performance.


The R&B songbird was known for working with producer Timbaland. He teamed up with Stephen Garrett to put this song together states This is not the only time these two worked together. The site also mentions that these two worked with Aaliyah on the song Are You That Somebody for the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack.


The singer lost her life during the flight home from the Bahamas  on August 25, 2001 when she was filming the music video Rock The Boat. She maybe gone, but her music still lives on. Below is the YouTube Video Try Again.










Rocky the Musical



In 1976 Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in the boxing movie Rocky. This movie became a successful six part series. Now this blockbuster hit is being turned into a Broadway musical. Rocky tells the story of a boxer from Philadelphia who gets the chance of a life-time to go up against a super-boxer named Apollo Creed to become champion. During his journey for the title he finds love.

According to the team working on making this Oscar winning best picture into a musical is director Alex Timbers (Peter and the Starcatcher), songwriting team Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (Ragtime), and book writers Thomas Meehan (The Producers) and Sylvester Stallone. Some of the cast consist of Andy Karl as Rocky Balboa, his love interest Adrian is played by Margo Seibert and Dakin Matthews takes on the role as Mickey.

The story of Rocky is inspirational and will encourage people to follow their dreams no matter what it may be. The songs from the musical are also up lifting. Fight from the Heart and Keep on Standing are songs sung by Andy Karl. The famous song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor is performed by the cast during the second training montage. It wouldn’t be Rocky without the song Eye of the Tiger.

People are raving about this musical making this show a must see. Here are some reviews from

“The show is incredibly well-staged, set design was excellent and the performances of the leads and supporting cast were inspired” said David R.

“Hold on to your hats, while you get ready for the fight of the year. Staging and special effects will have you on your feet chanting “Rocky! Rocky!” said Cindy M.

“The actors were incredible, the story line beautiful, the setting and interactivity with the audience amazing and the production just perfect” said Rodia

Below is a YouTube video first look into the show.