Mariah Carey’s Song Butterfly is #1 for Eight Weeks


Today in 1995 Mariah Carey made chart history when she started an eight week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Fantasy’, making her the first female act to enter the chart in pole position according to

From 1993-1998, she was married to Tommy Mottola, who was president of Sony Music. states “Butterfly” is a song Mariah wrote, not about someone else but about herself. It is the song that she stated she wished Tommy Mottola (her recently divorced husband at the time) would sing to her.

The site also mentions Carey originally intended this to be a House record with dance producer David Morales titled “Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise).

Below are the lyrics and video to the song


When you love someone so deeply

They become your life

It’s easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside

Blindly I imaged I could

Keep you under glass

Now I understand to hold you

I must open my hands

And watch you rise


Spread your wings and prepare to fly

For you have become a butterfly

Fly abandonedly into the sun

If you should return to me

We truly were meant to be

So spread your wings and fly


I have learned that beauty

Has to flourish in the light

Wild horses run unbridled

Or their spirit dies

You have given me the courage

To be all that I can

And truly feel your heart will

Lead you back to me when you’re

Ready to land


I can’t pretend these tears

Aren’t overflowing steadily

I can’t prevent this hurt from

Almost overtaking me

But I will stand and say goodbye

For you’ll never be mine

Until you know the way it feels to fly


So flutter through the sky


Spread your wings and fly







Berry White Hits #1 with Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love


Berry White was a soul singer recognized for his deep voice. One song he is most known for is Can’t Get Enough of Your Love. Today marks the day when this song hit #1 on the US charts during 1974 according to

 Barry White fell in love in 1973 with Glodean James, who was one of the members of his Love Unlimited backing trio of singers. He wrote this song for her one night when he couldn’t get off to sleep according to The pair later separated, but they never got divorced.

 This song was recorded by other artists. states in 1993, this song was covered by R&B/pop singer Taylor Dayne, who took it to the charts again at #20 on the US Hot 100 and #2 on the US Hot Dance Club Play charts.

 The singer was a fan of the cartoon show The Simpsons. mentions that he recorded this song in a new version specifically made for “The Whacking Day” episode of the show. Below is the YouTube video of Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.


Diana Ross Hits #1 with Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


Today in 1970 Diana Ross hit #1 for three weeks with her remake of the song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. According to this was the singer’s first solo No.1 since leaving The Supremes.

The song was originally written and by Ashford & Simpson. According to Nick Ashford was inspired by an experience when he first moved to New York. The site states that he was walking down a Manhattan thoroughfare, determined that New York City would not get the best of him.

This song was originally sung by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1967. states Uriel Jones of The Funk Brothers, who played the drums on Gaye and Terrell’s original version, recalled in Mojo magazine February 2009: “Ashford and Simpson had written the song and they always came to the studio with charts. This time was no exception; they came with the song fully written out. The lyrics were written out too. They were one of the few producers and writers who had full charts and made us work from them. states that Amy Winehouse’s 2007 single “Tears Dry On Their Own” is based around the backing instrumentation of this song. Ashford & Simpson were also credited on Jessica Simpson’s 2006 transatlantic Top 20 single “A Public Affair,” as towards the end of the song. No matter what generation someone was born they have heard a version of this song. Below is a video of Diana Ross performing this song live.

Lily Allen Live in Concert



On September 9, 2014 pop star Lily Allen will perform live in concert at The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Florida at 8:00 P.M. The singer is known for songs such as Smile, The Fear, and Silver Spoon

The Song Smile was recorded on her album Alright, Still which was released in 2006. This song made Lily Allen well known to music fans. According to the song is about her ex-boyfriend, DJ Lester Lloyd, as he attempts to win her back after the terrible way he treated her in their relationship and the negative impact this subsequently had on her. In the song there was an organ part that came from the song “Free Soul” by ’60s Reggae group The Soul Brothers states the site.

The Fear is a song that Lily Allen recorded on It’s Not Me, It’s You album which was released in 2009. states this song won the Best Track of the Year at the Virgin Media Music Awards 2010, in which three million music fans voted. The site also mentions that Lily Allen and her co-writer Greg Kurstin won a couple of Ivor Novello Awards for this hit single-Best Song Musically and Lyrically and Most Performed Work.

Silver Spoon is a song off of Lily Allen’s current album Sheezus. According to the song title comes from the phrase: ‘Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.’ The term refers to somebody who’s born into a well-to-do family environment; the reference being to the gift of a silver spoon by the godparents. This song talks about the fairytale that the singer had a privileged childhood because her father was actor Keith Allen. Her concert should not be missed. Below is the YouTube video Smile.