Blondie at Orpheum Theater


Yesterday in 1979 marked the day when the group Blondie performed at Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee according to The American-Rock band became popular in the New Wave and Punk scene during the mid-1970. Blondie is known for songs such as Heart Of Glass, Call Me, and One Way Or Another.

The song Heart Of Glass was on the groups Parallel Lines album which was released in 1978. states Blondie members Debbie Harry and Chris Stein (who were later married) wrote the first version of this song in early 1974, shortly after they first met. This song is also on The American Idol video game. The site states Blondie re-recorded this in 1978 in a Reggae style, but their producer Mike Chapman suggested Reggae didn’t sell in America. As Harry and Stein had a fascination with the Disco sound that was then sweeping the country, so they adopted a sound that was an amalgamation of their New Wave background and Euro disco.

Call Me was recorded on the American Gigolo Soundtrack that was released in 1980. European Disco producer Giorgio Moroder wrote this with Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, who thus song was covered by Franz Ferdinand in 2009. It also covered by a heavy metal rock band called In This Moment during 2008.

One Way Or Another was another song recorded to the group’s Parallel Lines album. According to this song is about a stalker. The lyrics are very dark and go into detail about a guy with evil intentions, but the music is very light and catchy, which masked the meaning of the song. The song is featured in a few movies such as Coyote Ugly (2000), Seed of Chucky (2004), and Mean Girls (2004).

The music from this group has been around for many generations to listen to and enjoy. Blondie’s music may not be like today’s Rock, but that is what makes it so unique and standout from the rest. Below is the performance of One Way Or Another.