The Byrds Hit #1 on US Singles Chart with Mr. Tambourine Man


The Byrds remade Bob Dylan’s song Mr. Tambourine Man. Today in 1965 the group reach number one on the U.S singles chart with the song according to Dylan wrote this song on his fifth album Bringing It All Back Home.


According to the band was just starting out, and was not very good musicians yet. The site also mentions that the song was inspired by Folk guitarist Bruce Langhorne. Here is what Dylan said:


“Bruce playing with me on a bunch of early records. On one session, [producer] Tom Wilson had asked him to play tambourine. And he had this tambourine. It was, like, really big. It was as big as a wagon wheel. He was playing and this vision of him playing just stuck in my mind.”


The song was also featured in a film called Dangerous Mind starring Michelle Pfeiffer. The film is about a woman who was a marine and is now a teacher trying to change the lives of the students in her classroom.


This is not the only Bob Dylan song The Byrds remade. According to other songs included “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue,” and “Chimes of Freedom.” Below is the YouTube video of Mr. Tambourine Man