The Who Are Recording A New Album And Touring


The British rock The Who said farewell to their fans in 1982. The band got back together several times to do reunion concerts. The group is coming together once more to record a new album and to put together a 50th anniversary tour according to The band will hit the road in North America sometime next year after touring around England.

The Who is also heading back to the recording studio to cut a brand new album since they release the last studio album Endless Wire that went on store shelves in 2006. states that lead singer Pete Townshend reveals that the sound of the new album will be prog rock than pub rock. The band is known for songs such as Pinball Wizard, My Generation, and We’re Not Gonna Take It.

Pinball Wizard was recorded on the album Tommy which was released in 1969. This song ranked number 10 on US charts. According to Townshend wrote it when he found out influential UK rock critic Nik Cohn was coming to review the project. Townshend knew Cohn was a pinball fanatic, so he put this together to ensure a good review.

The song My Generation was on the song titled album and it was released in 1965. states this featured one of the first bass solos in Rock history. John Entwistle used a new-on-the-market Danelectro bass to play it, but he kept breaking strings trying to record it. A bit of a bummer that replacement strings weren’t available, as he had to go out and buy an entire new bass.

We’re Not Gonna Take It is another song off of the Tommy album. According to the song is about Tommy’s followers revolting against him, because they feel they are jealous of Tommy and they feel they are being exploited by Tommy’s family. The site also states the message of this song is “we’re not gonna take fascism”

Below is the YouTube video of My Generation