Berry White Hits #1 with Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love


Berry White was a soul singer recognized for his deep voice. One song he is most known for is Can’t Get Enough of Your Love. Today marks the day when this song hit #1 on the US charts during 1974 according to

 Barry White fell in love in 1973 with Glodean James, who was one of the members of his Love Unlimited backing trio of singers. He wrote this song for her one night when he couldn’t get off to sleep according to The pair later separated, but they never got divorced.

 This song was recorded by other artists. states in 1993, this song was covered by R&B/pop singer Taylor Dayne, who took it to the charts again at #20 on the US Hot 100 and #2 on the US Hot Dance Club Play charts.

 The singer was a fan of the cartoon show The Simpsons. mentions that he recorded this song in a new version specifically made for “The Whacking Day” episode of the show. Below is the YouTube video of Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.