Nirvana Records The Music Video for Smells Like Teen Spirit




The band Nirvana was known for their Grunge music. One of their most popular songs was “Smells like Teen Spirit.” Today marks the time when the group created the official music video for the song according to

The song was recorded on the Nevermind album which was released in 1991. It placed on the 6th spot on the US chart. According to it came together in a jam session when he played it for the band. The site also mentions Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of the group Bikini Kill, gave Cobain the idea for the title when she spray painted “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his bedroom wall after a night of drinking and spraying graffiti around the Seattle area.

 The music video took place in Culver City California and cost less than $50,000 to produce states For this music video Nirvana involved their fans as the audience. The kids were recruited at a show the band played two days earlier at The Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, where flyers were handed out saying, “Nirvana needs you to appear in their upcoming music video. According to Cobain said he wrote this song because he was feeling “disgusted with my generation’s apathy, and with my own apathy and spinelessness.” This feeling of detachment is what led to lyrics like “Oh well, whatever, nevermind.”

 The song and the music video did so well that the video won Nirvana the Best New Artist and Best Alternative Group awards at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, and in 2000 the Guinness World Records named ‘Teen Spirit’ the Most Played Video on MTV Europe. This song had a big impact on the music world. The group may no longer be together after the death of Kurt Cobain, but their music will live on forever! Below is the video “Smells Like Teen Spirit.




Anniversary Of The Death Of Nirvana Front Man


Everyone who is into music knew Kurt Cobain as the Lead singer of the band Nirvana which formed in 1987. Last Saturday April 5th marked the Anniversary the rocker took his own life. Other musicians looked up to Kurt Cobain. According to MSN Entertainment Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day saw Cobain as his generations Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The site also states the he inspired Beck.

Nirvana was mostly known for the song Smells Like Teen Spirit. states this was the first “Alternative” song to become a huge hit, and in many ways it redefined the term, as “alternative” implies lack of popularity and the song was embraced by the mainstream. The site also mentions with this track, Nirvana helped ignite the “grunge” craze, which was characterized by loud guitars, angst-ridden lyrics, and flannel.

On Thursday April 10 Nirvana was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame according to Drummer Dave Grohl and guitarist Kris Novoselic accepted the award for the band. Courtney Love had a few words to say about her late husband: “I just wish Kurt could have been here, tonight he would have really appreciated it.”

Nirvana may never play as a band anymore, but their music will never be forgotten. Kurt Cobain is gone, but his music will live forever in the hearts of his fans. Below is the Smells Like Teen Spirit Music Video.


Nirvana’s First Performance Ever


Nirvana was a Grunge band from Seattle Washington that hit the music scene in 1991. The band members consisted of Kurt Cobain (lead singer), Krist Novoselic (guitarist), and Dave Grohl (drummer). January 24th marked the day this rock band had their first performance ever in Australia at the Phoenician Club in Sydney during 1992 according to

The group was known for songs such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, and Lithium. According to Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of the group Bikini Kill, gave Cobain the idea for the title Smells Like Teen Spirit when she spray painted “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his bedroom wall after a night of drinking and spraying graffiti around the Seattle area.

Come As You Are lyrics, “Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach” were taken from a campaign in Seattle that encouraged heroin users to soak their needles in bleach after injecting to reduce the risk of spreading HIV according to The site also states the chords in this song are a slowed down replica of Killing Joke’s 1985 song “Eighties.” The songs were so similar that Nirvana considered holding off releasing this as a single.

There is a lot of self-loathing going on in Lithium, as Kurt Cobain sings, “I’m so ugly” and takes the voice of a man on the brink of killing himself – dysfunctional, random, and all of that states The site also mentions Cobain made it clear that most of the time, he wasn’t singing about himself in his songs, but was pulling from what he saw in other people.

On April 5th 1994 Kurt Cobain committed suicide with a shot gun in his home in Lake Washington. According to his last words are to his imaginary childhood friend Boddah.  In the letter he talks about not having the passion to perform and that it is better to burn out than fade away. Kurt Cobain may be gone but his music and the band Nirvana are still alive  in the music world and will never be forgotten  Below is the music video Smells Like Teen Spirit.